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Our story

The tasting experience that changed everything...


The origins of Monmouth Gin come from a birthday present gin tasting evening. The tasting experience changed our view of gin to a more interesting drink than previously thought. Our appetite was further whetted by a make your own gin kit given as a present the following Christmas.

Just a balancing act

We then experimented making our own gin using off the shelf vodka and some botanicals that came with the kit. After making the gin, we realised how the principle of marrying alcohol with botanicals is a deft balancing act and eagerly discussed the potential for taking the next step upwards. We agreed to buy the basic equipment online and have a go ourselves to see where we could go with this. The initial results were quite raw, but we were whole heartedly encouraged and very enthusiastic to tweak the initial recipe that we had concocted and see how things would evolve.

Eventually, we came up with what we thought was a passable recipe and we discussed what we should do next. We conducted some research and found a gin company to collaborate with so that we could learn more and even lead us to create our own gin to share with the world. After initial meetings with the Gower Gin Company they agreed to help fill in the blanks in our knowledge of the process and bureaucracy associated with the expansion of our idea into what would become the Monmouth Gin Company. Initially we rented a space on the Treowen Estate near Monmouth before moving to a unit at the business park in the town where the gin continues to be produced and bottled, ready for delivery.